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15th ICA-AP Regional Assembly

The biennial Regional Assembly, represented by all members directly, is the highest authority of the ICA Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP). The Regional Assembly, a central policy making and representative body brings together all members once every two years, providing them a platform for discussing multiple issues concerning development and growth of co-operative organisations as well as opportunity for networking and forming alliances for mutual benefit.

The Regional Assembly plays a vital role in strengthening the democratic governance process of cooperatives in the region by building consensus on issues and approving the agenda after discussion to the satisfaction of all members. The first Regional Assembly was held in 1995 and the tradition continues since then. The Regional Assembly encompasses the Cooperative Forum and various events organized by the ICA-AP Regional Committees.
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ICA-AP Regional Board Elections

The Regional Assembly elects a Regional Board of 11 persons consisting of a Chairperson, two Vice Chairpersons and eight Members. The term of office- bearers of the Regional Board is 4 years. The Chair of the ICA-AP Committee on Youth and ICA-AP Committee on Women are co-opted to the ICA-AP Regional Board without voting right.

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11th Asia and Pacific Regional Women’s Forum

The 11th Asia and Pacific Regional Women’s Forum will be held in conjunction with the 33rd ICA Congress on Deepening the Cooperative Identity. It will serve as a timely platform to discuss why the Cooperative Identity matters to women. The identity of women cooperators is embedded within a wide range of social, economic, cultural, political, and religious contexts, which shape and influence their identity and position in society. The Cooperative Identity rooted in principles and values offer women the opportunity to organise themselves to realise their common economic, social and cultural needs irrespective of their diverse backgrounds and contexts.

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Global Workshop on Cooperatives in Educational Institutions

‘Catch them Young’, is the popular premise on which strengthening of any movement rests. The cooperative movement, too, needs the infusion of young blood and ICA has taken the right step in this direction by creating a space for a youth representative on its Board and conveying the primacy of youth. Providing adequate exposure to cooperative principles and values to young people would contribute towards building stronger cooperative identity.

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ICA 33rd World Cooperative Congress

The 33rd World Cooperative Congress will enable the cooperative movement to explore its identity to build a more secure future. Using the current global crisis as a framework, discussions will aim to deepen the cooperative identity by examining its values, strengthening its actions, committing to its principles and living its achievements.

Registration is now open for the World Cooperative Congress! Join us to showcase how our cooperative identity will help us rebuild better together and overcome crises with solidarity and resilience.
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