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Date: 3-5, November 2023
Venue:First Pacific Leadership Academy, Antipolo, Rizal
Manila, Philippines
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As part of the side-events of the ICA-AP Regional Assembly, the ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC) with support from the 1CISP Life and General Insurance (1CISP) are organizing Regional Youth Workshop and Networking Meeting on Youth & Cooperatives which will bring them together for exchange of ideas, global networking, sharing best practices, and building sustainability through the Fifth Co-operative Principle on Education, Information & training, from 3-5, November in Manila, Philippines.

The workshop & the networking meeting are being organized to enhance networking among co-operative organizations active in development in the Asia-Pacific. The workshop will seek to promote the dialogue across members, experts and other stakeholders on ICA-AP’s Strategic Development Priority on Youth Inclusion and related cooperative development. A few important elements of this workshop will be to explore ideas like sustainability of youth-centric cooperatives and highlighting the importance of education, training, and information for members.


The theme 'Cooperatives: Our Common Agenda' establishes a direct and impactful connection with youth and cooperatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through this workshop, we aim that young individuals benefit from capacity-building programs that enhance their skills, making them well-prepared for successful cooperative ventures. The cooperative model encourages entrepreneurial spirit and offers a conducive environment for innovation, empowering youth to implement their creative ideas. This theme fosters networking and collaboration among youth, allowing for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, ultimately strengthening the effectiveness of youth-led cooperatives. Moreover, it advocates for improved access to resources and funding, enabling the establishment and sustainability of youth-led cooperatives, driving economic growth and community development in the region. By aligning with this common agenda, youth can collectively advocate for policy changes that support the cooperative sector, influencing a more favourable environment for their active participation and contribution to the society.

With the regional theme, “Cooperatives: Our Common Agenda”, participants will undergo a workshop which aims to identify the present challenges of the youth cooperatives in the Asia Pacific and formulate a solution or common agenda, and an action plan which will be presented to the ICYC and the ICA-AP.


The workshop & networking meeting is an opportunity for cooperative organization, youngsters, co-operative practitioners, and the likes to dwell on the 5th co-operative principle in offering cooperative solutions to the needs of youth in cooperatives.

  • Youth Involvement and Engagement
  • Skill Development and Learning Opportunities
  • Access to Mentorship and Guidance
  • Capacity Building and Training Programs
  • Identification of current problems of youth in the cooperatives
  • Formulation of possible solutions to address the problems
  • Creation of an action plan; and
  • Setting of commitment

After the workshop, the ICYC aims to formulate a two-year Youth Action Plan which mainly focuses on addressing sustainable goals, providing solutions and opportunities for the youth cooperatives in Asia Pacific. To conclude the workshop, a commemorative signing of the Pledge of Commitment from the delegates will be held to signify the unity and commitment of the delegates towards achieving the goals in the Youth Action Plan.

Documentation and the Language of the Conference

The working language of the discussion will be English. Documentation for the meeting will be provided in English.


There is no registration fee to attend this workshop.


Transport from Airport to the workshop venue will be provided by the organizers to those who fill out the attached registration form and submit it at latest by 20th October.

Tentative Agenda

The workshop will be held on November 3-5, 2023, at First Pacific Leadership Academy, Antipolo, Rizal and will be participated by fifty (50) youth delegates from Asia Pacific.

Click here to view the agenda. Tentative Agenda