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Development Meeting & Workshop

on Industrial & Service Co-operatives in Asia Pacific

Session Outline

The purpose of the Workshop & Networking Meeting is to create a platform to foster meaningful and result-oriented engagement among co-operative organizations in the region with direct and indirect interest in the industrial and service economy at the national, local and international level. Participants are expected to learn and share information about the ongoing regional thematic research on Exploring Work & Ownership in Co-operatives, creation of online knowledge resource, joint projects & advocacy.

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Tentative Program

27 November 2018





Arrival & Registration

1400 – 1530

Session 1 : Development Meeting

1400 – 1410

Setting the agenda

Mr. Santosh Kumar, Program Manager ICAAP

1410 – 1420

Needs Analysis

Mr. Hyungsik Eum, Strategy & Statistics coordinator, ICA

1420 – 1435

Address by CICOPA

Ms. Diana Dovgan, Secretary General, CICOPA

1435 – 1450

Role, Function and Scope of Co-operative Development Platform on Work & Ownership

[ What can concerted action(AP Network of Industrial & Services Cooperatives) achieve? This session is expected to bring out benefits of networking the stakeholders in the industrial & services sector at the regional level]

Mr. Hyungsik Eum (ICA), Mr. Osamu Nakano (JWCU), Mr. Alireza Banaeifar (ICC), Dr. T.P. Sethumadhavan /Mr. R. Kasthuri (ULCCS), Mr. Rylan Perry Founder, Colab Cooperative, Mr. Balu Iyer (ICA-AP)  

1450- 1515

Open House Discussions & Next Steps

Moderated by Mr. Santosh Kumar, ICA-AP

1515 – 1530

Closing & Date of Next meeting

Ms. Diana Dovgan (CICOPA)

1530 – 1600

Tea Break

1600 – 1830

Session 2 : Workshop on Industrial & Services Co-operatives

1600 – 1620

Opening Session

  • Address by ICA-AP Regional Director

  • Address by CICOPA Secretary General

  • Mr. Balu Iyer

  • Ms. Diana Dovgan

1620 – 1640

Status of Research on Work & Ownership

  • Ms. Diana Dovgan, CICOPA

  • Mr. Hyungsik Eum, ICA

1640 – 1650

Q & A

1650 – 1750

Knowledge Sharing : Good Cases on Promoting Work & Ownership [10 mins each | Issues: Legal, Operational, Leadership & Diversification]

  • ULCCS, India

  • IKOPIN, Indoneisa

  • JWCU, Japan

  • ICC, Iran

  • Sungkonghoe University, Korea

  • Dr. T.P. Sethumadhavan, UL Education/Mr. Raveendran Kasthuri, CEO ULCCS

  • Ms. Heira Hardiyanti, IKOPIN (Skype)

  • Mr. Osamu Nakano, JWCU

  • Mr. Alireza Banaeifar, ICC

  • Ms. Jihyun Jeong, SU

  • Mr. Rylan Perry, Colab Cooperative (Skype)

  • Mr. C. Pitchai

1750 - 1810

Q & A

1810 - 1820

Ideas to strengthen ICA-AP intervention on Work & Ownership & Launch of Cooperative Development Platform

Mr. Santosh Kumar, ICA-AP

1825 onwards

Closing & Valedictory

Presided by Mr. Balu Iyer, Regional Director ICA-AP


Mr. Hyung-sik Eum is the Strategy & Statistics Coordinator for the ICA.

Hyungsik has previously served as sociologist and data analyst at the International Organization of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producer Cooperatives (CICOPA). He is also a PhD fellow researcher at the Centre for Social Economy, University of Liège, Belgium, and has worked with the ILO and COPAC as a consultant. He has worked on several issues concerning cooperatives and the social economy, particularly comparative studies on worker and social cooperatives, statistics on cooperatives, cooperative employment and institutionalisation of the social economy. He is author of “Cooperatives and Employment: Second Global Report” (CICOPA, 2017) and co-author of Cooperatives and Employment: a Global Report (CICOPA, 2014).

Ms. Diana Dovgan is the Secretary-General of CICOP 2018

Ms. Diana Dovgan is the Secretary-General of CICOPA (International Organization of Industrial and Service Co-operative) since 2018. She has previously served CECOP  and CICOPA as Policy Officer since in 2008. Prior to that, she worked as an advisor for the Belgian Minister of Social integration, Equal opportunities and Public service.

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Mr. Osamu Nakano is the Director of International Relations at Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union (JWCU).

Osamu holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in comparative literature. After conducting historical researches at New York University, he joined JWCU in 2014. He has been in his present position since July 2017. He is concurrently serving as a board member of JWCU. Now he is also serving as a staff member of Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA), the apex organization of all cooperatives in Japan that was established on April 1st 2018.

Dr.T.P.Sethumadhavan is Director, UralungaL (UL) Education of ULCCS Ltd.

Sethumadhavan was formerly the Director of Entrepreneurship, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU), India. He now works to further the mandate of UL education which is to promote employability among students is planning to promote skill development, entrepreneurship, start-ups, higher education, finishing schools including open online courses, global schools, skill development, etc. Dr. Sethumadhavan is also the founder of Edu start up and facilitator of Start-up village project of KVASU He did his higher education from Kerala Agricultural University, Smithsonian institution, Washington DC, University of Reading, UK among others.

Mr. Raveendran Kasthuri is the CEO of ULCCS Ltd. India

Raveendran was appointed Group CEO of the Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society Ltd. India, one of India’s oldest and foremost labour contract cooperative society on 6 August 2018. He previously served IBM as its Vice President and Head of Integrated Operations. ULCCS has the distinct honour of being the first labour cooperative to have built world class infrastructure for Information Technology enterprises in India which is incidentally the first of its kind in Northern Kerala.. He originally belongs to Kannur, sometimes called Rochdale of the East.

Mr. Alireza Banaefiar is Manager of International Affairs at the ICC

Alireza has served as the International Affairs Manager of Iran   Chamber of Cooperatives (ICC) since 2016. He is also a member of the ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation and holds a  master's degree in Business Administration at Istanbul University in Turkey. At his work at the ICC, Alireza has succeeded in organizing  business delegations to/from other countries, and is currently the head of the 13th ICA-AP Regional assembly organizing team.

Mr. Rylan Perry is Co-Founder of Colab Cooperative

Rylan’s mission is to co-develop solutions supporting the evolution of community and planet: a theme he explored deeply while studying at the intersection of tech, anthropology and biology at Stanford University. He started his professional journey at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm and moved on as a developer co-founding a tech startup, GiveBack; One of these early tech experiments was converted into the co-operative that is CoLab Co-op where he serves as a member-owner working as a tech strategist, a product designer and a financial liaison to the tech co-op movement.

Dr. C. Pitchai is Professor in the Department of Cooperation, School of Management Studies, Gandhigram Rural Institute

Pitchai is a professor at the Gandhigram Rural Institute and is an M.A. in Cooperative Management, MBA, Ph.D. He underwent Faculty Development Programme in Management at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He worked in the National Council for Cooperative Training for 20 years. Dr. Pitchai has worked as Assistant Professor at Mekelle University, Ethiopia for two years. During his stay he was instrumental in designing and launching M.Sc. in Cooperative Marketing, first of its kind in the country.

Ms. Heira Hardiyanti is a Lecturer at Institute for Indonesian Cooperative Development Studies (IKOPIN), Indonesia

Heira is a lecturer at the IKOPIN where she completed her post graduation in management studies, and currently serves as the chairperson of Women Cooperator Committee of West Java. She also serves as a consultant for the Agency of Cooperatives and SMEs in West Java. She is highly skilled in Non Profit Organizations, Social Enterprise, Corporate Social Responsibility, Policy Analysis, and Youth Development and has undertaken numerous international courses.

의류, 사람, 실내, 여자이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Ms. Jihyun Jeong is researcher from the Sungkonghoe University

Jihyun Jeong is a student in master’s course in Co-operative Management Department of Sungkonghoe University in Seoul, South Korea and currently developing research on consumer co-operatives in Korea in relation to issues of Fair Trade. She received a BA in Sociology from the University of York in the United Kingdom with a focus on Co-operative Schools in the UK.

Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer is the Regional Director for the International Co-operative Alliance Asia-Pacific. 

Balu brings strong management and operational credentials in strategic planning, budgeting, performance assessment, compliance, and audit. He has worked with the Asia Foundation, the International Development Exchange, ActionAid India, and the Aga Khan Rural Support Program; and served as Adjunct Faculty at Southern New Hampshire University.  He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India; a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management from the Institute of Rural Management at Anand, India; and master’s in public policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley.


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